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About Our Firm

Our Vision

We are counselors, strategists, and advocates for professionals and the business community. We partner with our clients based on close communication and understanding their needs and objectives. We provide effective, creative problem solving and dispute resolution so that our clients profit from our relationship. We are dedicated to our clients, the profession, and our community.

Our Commitment

We give to our community

We believe that as professionals we have a duty to give back to our community. We therefore give generously of our time, talents, and resources to worthy causes that enhance life in our community.

We strive for balance in our lives.

We recognize the importance of balance in our lives and strive to achieve a healthy and fulfilling relationship between our professional and personal commitments.

Our Principles

We are a Team.

We value teamwork and mutual support — with each other and with our clients. We treat each other with civility and respect and rely on our friendship and humor to make the firm an enjoyable, satisfying place to work.

We value diversity.

We are committed to recruiting, developing, and maintaining a diverse and talented team of professionals to serve our clients.

Our Values

We do not compromise on quality.

We are hard working and take pride in our work.  We continually strive to deliver the highest quality work product and client service on every matter entrusted to us.

We are ethical, fair, and honest.

We observe the highest ethical standards at all times and deal honestly and fairly with our clients, opposing parties, the courts, and each other

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