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Practice Areas

Real Estate Transactions And Litigation

Regardless of whether you are buying a home to live in or office to do business in, real estate is a extremely large investment that is increasingly complex. The RHM Law Firm offers extensive legal services for all areas of real estate.

Legal Malpractice and Real Estate Malpractice

At RHM, we work with plaintiffs and defendants alike in legal malpractice cases. Our professional liability attorneys work closely with our clients on deciding the best course of action for the case.

Our legal malpractice attorneys actively prosecute and defend legal malpractice cases. This is not particularly common—most firms do one or the other. By having significant experience on each side of these issues, we have the unique ability to view cases from a more holistic perspective, making us more effective at what we do.

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Loss Prevention And Legal Ethics

RHM represents and advises other attorneys, law firms, and their clients and other businesses that retain lawyers about all aspects of the law including legal ethics and Loss Prevention. The firm counsels clients on avoidance of malpractice claims and if a problem develops during a client representation, how to cure the problem before it results in a claim or lawsuit. RHM also helps clients when faced with potential ethical issues and State Bar related inquiries.

ADR & Mediation Services

RHM has many years experience with ADR including arbitration and mediation. In addition to representation of parties in binding and non binding arbitration, Russ Roeca has served as an arbitrator appointed by the courts over the past twenty five years. He has served as mediator in dozens of matters, often appointed by the courts, and retained independently in matters involving personal injury, professional liability and commercial disputes, with proven results.

Commercial & Business Litigation


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